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Added: 17-09-2022

'You have only one use, don't you?' 'We are going to fully exploit that today; your body and your holes will be used to take cock and have cum dumped in them' 
Slut T has come to accept his place in my life, it has taken a number of years to break him down and remould him into being nothing but an object for me to use however I desire, more often than not, he is turned into one huge fuck hole to be taken and filled with cock (both real, and strap-on) and multiple cum filled condoms at a time. Slut T is entirely pussy free, he will never penetrate again in his entire existence, he is the one to be penetrated at the desire and whim of whoever he is serving. 
I have my pathetic pussy free bitch lay on my flat bench, I take pleasure in humiliating and taunting him about the sex free existence that he must now lead. During his visit to me today, I intend on humiliating my sex free bitch like never before... By the time I am done with him he will permanently feel the shame associated with being used solely as a cum dump. I call in my lover, Kane, to assist with humiliating slut T to the maximum. 
As Kane stands over slut T, comparing the extreme difference in their cocks, I intensify slut T's predicament by showing him six cum filled condoms that he will swallow for us in varying ways before taking a final fresh load direct from Kane's hard cock once we are done with him. 
I waste no time in commencing slut T's demise and empty one of the stale loads of cum directly into his mouth before ordering the cum slut to his knees to suck Kane's super hard cock. Slut T hesitates before I have him recite his place as pussy free forever and he eagerly gets to work worshipping the hard cock in front of him. Before long it is time for another load of cum, this time I have our slut on his back and encourage him to catch as much as he can from the cascading spunk that I empty all over Kane's cock from above him. The slut does so eagerly and begs to touch his own pathetic member, I permit it, but only once Kane's cock is deep inside of his ass. 
Now bent over and open, we cruelly add to our cum sluts predicament by using Kane's cum as lube to slip his cock into the sluts tight ass hole. As Kane takes slut T's ass hole hard, I feed him another condom - making him suck the cum up from the condom like a straw. A humiliating pounding proceeds, pussy free forever whilst being taken by a real man.. There really is no coming back from this for our sex free cum dump. 
With two final loads of collected cum and a load of fresh cum waiting to erupt from Kane's cock, we have one final humiliating predicament in store for this cum swallowing bitch. As Kane sits astride his face, stroking his 8 inch cock, I have slut T play with his useless member as I empty the remaining loads into his gaping and hungry mouth. We have him keep his mouth wide open, filled with the collected spunk and awaiting the fresh. He begs and gurgles through the mouthful until Kane's cock explodes all over his face and into his mouth. With his mouth brimming and his face covered, we have the sum slut swallow all three loads of cum at once. He struggles and splutters however readily accepts his new life as a cum dump.
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