Club Stiletto - The Life of step-Auntie Paige - the punk Next Door and the BJ Surprise

Added: 02-09-2022

Paige is back in town with her cuck hubby and to watch kenny while his wife is away on a romantic get-a-way with her new lover. She finds out that a brat around the neighborhood has been teasing kenny about being controlled by all the older women in his life so she comes up with a plan. Paige is always thinking. She calls the punk in and says she has seen him around the neighborhood and thinks it would be hot if she gave him a blowjob. The punk is into it, "I love older women" he tells her. Paige tells him she wants him to wear a blackout mask so all of his other senses are heightened while she gives him head. The punk puts on the mask while Paige excuses herself to 'freshen up'. She tells him to start rubbing himself. She then sneaks her hubby into the room and has him suck the punks cock instead. Unaware it isn't Paige servicing him the boi really gets into it. He is nice and hard until she tells him to take off the mask. The lad is horrified and instantly loses his erection. Paige tells him it's too bad as she has everything on video. His options are to become another of the house slaves or she shows the video to everyone. He's trapped. She makes him say on camera that he likes getting his cock sucked by her husband. Paige eventually has him stand up and masturbate onto her husbands face, leaving him covered in cum. Paige rubs all the cum into her husbands face and through his hair while dismissing the new slave until she needs him next. A bonus at the end of this clip as Paige has the new slave back to masturbate and cum on his own stomach. She calls in her husband to lick up his cum and she says "It's hubbies 10th load of the day". Watch for a new step-Auntie Paige clip every Thursday and see all her previous adventures by clicking HERE.
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