Kiffa Feet Deusa - Cuck pays hotwife date got headstomped while they fuck

Added: 04-05-2022

Goddess Kiffa makes him dress her with her new lingerie, which he buys every time for her to go out with a real man. She humiliates as he dresses her, for not doing anything right. He even has to put her high heels on her feet!She goes out with her alpha lover, while he stays with his head on her bed. She paid for the date with his money, and makes the cuck worship her feet while she kisses her alpha lover.Goddess Kiffa makes the cuck worship her feet while she blowsjob the alpha . And she trample the cuck stepping on him while she get fucked by the alpha lover. They fuck in several positions  while they step on the face of the cuck. And they uses the cuck as a footstool, as a bed, And they fuck a lot!Kiffa squirts on the cuck’s face, while cumming being fucked by her lover. She asks her lover to cum on her feet and makes her cuck lick all the cum on her feet. While he licks all the cum the cuck cums on his pants!
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